In Memoriam




Fi Ch Firehouse's Mighty Fullback
10.11.2008 - 16.6.2019

Randy 18 months

Born 10.11.2008
Sire : Spotborne Contradiction A
Dam : Fin Ch VV-13 TLNVW-14 Gracilis Hearts On Fire B/A, 0/0, BAER +/+,
HD A, OD 0/0, BAER +/+, MH
Sire of Joydal B-litter

Randy 17 weeks

Randy 19 weeks

Randy 6 months

Randy 6 months

Randy 6,5 months

Randy 7, 5 months                              photo: M. Ollikainen

Randy 10 months

Randy 13 months                                     photo: M. Ollikainen

Randy 2 years

Randy 2 years

Randy 2 years                                           photo: M. Eloranta


 Fin Ch VV-13 TLNVW-14 Gracilis Hearts on Fire "Rikke"
5.6.2005 - 5.6.2019

Rikke 6 years 


 Born 5.6.2005
Sire : Fin Ch Firehouse´s Frantic Fullback A, 0/0
Dam : Fin Ch Gracilis Flower Power A, 0/0
Breeder: Outi Nurmi
Healthy hips (B/A) and elbows (0/0), BAER +/+, MH
Top progeny dog (Dalmatian Club of Finland) 2011, 2013 and 2014
Dam of Firehouse´s M-litter and N-litter

Rikke 13 months

Rikke 14 months

Rikke 2 years

Rikke 2 years

Rikke 3 years

Rikke 4 years                                  photo: M. Ollikainen

Rikke 5 years photo: M. Ollikainen

Rikke 5 years

Rikke 8 years photo: P. Hätönen

Rikke 9,5 years

Rikke 10 years, BOB-veteran and 2nd best bitch at the Finnish Dalmatian Club´s Speciality Show in 2015.
Photo: K. Nyström

Fin Ch Firehouse's Frantic Fullback "Nalle" A, 0/0
29.1.1999 - 13.3.2013

Nalle 4 years

Sire: Pl N D Ch Perdita´s Inside Information A, BAER +/+
Dam: Fin Ch Perdita´s Killing Me Softly B, 0/0, BAER +/+
Breeder: Tanja Lönnqvist
3 x CACIB, top progeny dog 2006
Sire of Holmankarin E-litter, Dicentra D-litter, Pinewater´s A-litter, Gracilis G-litter and Gracilis H-litter

I will never forget the day you were born. Mika pointed at you and said this one is a fullback. You were so strong and lively. We had lots of problems with the litter and we lost many of your littermates, but you survived. We had no plans to keep a male puppy, but you were hard to resist. So you stayed at home and we never had to regret our decision.

You grew up into a strong, loyal and gentle male. You never caused any real problems. You were calm and easy going – a real pleasure to have around. We had some ups and downs, but you were always there. Even if we had a bad day, just a look at your gentle eyes made us happy.

Last summer we got a very bad news – you had a tumor and the vet told us you might have only few weeks or months left. We were shocked – we did not want to lose you. You were 13, but still going strong.  We thought you would be gone soon, but you were strong again. You gave us almost 10 months!

With heavy hearts we had to let you go. You were old and sick and there was nothing to do to help you anymore. In our hearts there will always be a special place for you. You are deeply missed by us. Have a safe journey Nalle. Your memory will live on in our hearts and in your offspring and their relatives. 

Nalle 2 years

Nalle 7 years

Fin Ch Cinron Candy "Candy" B1
16.5.1990 - 2.4.2005

Sire: Cinron Andy
Dam: Quattro
Breeders: Raino and Pirjo Tuominen
Trained for search and rescue
Finnish charactertest +155
Dam of Cinron G-litter

Candy was our first dalmatian. She was our constant friend through joy and sorrow.
She was our companion, pal and confidante and she taught us much about loving, caring and trust.

As much we loved the life we had, it was Candy´s time to go. Now she can run young and free again.

Thank you Candy for being our best friend for all these years.

Fin Ch Perdita´s Killing Me Softly "Kimo" B, 0/0, BAER +/+
15.4.1995 - 12.7.2004

Sire: N Ch Nv-01 Perdita's Just In Time
Dam: N Ch Perdita's Long Live Love
Breeder: Kari Ditlefsen, Norway
Owners: Tanja & Mika Lönnqvist
Dam of Firehouse's F-litter 
Kimo was training in search and rescue
Fnnish charactertest + 170

Kimo got an obstruction in her stomach after eating some wooden sticks. She was operated, but the operation was too much for her.

There aren´t any words to describe Kimo. I don´t think we will ever get a dog as unreserved and happy as she was. She never had a bad day and her attitude was always so positive. You couldn´t feel bad when she was around.

We are grateful we had such a happy and lovely dog even though our time together was too short. Thanks for Kimo´s breeder to let us have her in 1995.

Spotdance Beauty Spot "Bea" 2 x CAC
24.8.1993 - 27.12.1994

Sire: N & S Ch Timanka´s Talented Clown
Dam: Fin Ch Spotnik´s Lottery
Breeders: Pauliina & Jarkko Suomela
Owners: Tanja & Mika Lönnqvist

Bea died from distemper at the age of 14 months.