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Born 3.4.2010

N Ch Dalmo´s Elegant Edward A


Int Nord Ch NV-03 -04 Dalmo´s Aragon the First A

N S Ch Nordv-02 Spotnik´s Snow Storm A

N Ch NV-03 Dalmo´s Octavia A

N Ch Dalmo´s Viva La Bamba A

N S Ch Dalmo´s Ringleader A

Perdita´s Kick to Dalmo A

Fin Ch VV-13 TLNWV-14 Gracilis Hearts On Fire B/A, 0/0, BAER +/+


Fin Ch Firehouse´s Frantic

Fullback A, 0/0


Pl & D & N Ch Perdita´s Inside Information A, BAER +/+

Fin Ch Perdita´s Killing Me Softly B, 0/0, BAER +/+

Fin Ch Gracilis Flower Power A, 0/0

Caesands Vice Roy A

Fin Ch Caesands Rock´n Roll D, 0/0, BAER +/+


33 days

Rauli 6 weeks

Rauli 1 year
Firehouse´s Northern Light "Rauli" BAER +/+
Owners: Mari Suorsa & Janne Liimatainen

33 days

Zorro 6 weeks

Zorro 8 months

Zorro 3 years
Firehouse´s Navy Blue "Zorro" BAER +/+
Owner: Marjana Flemmich

33 days

6 weeks

8 weeks

11 vk

Ukko 4 months

Ukko 5 months                                                                      photo: K. Nyström

Ukko 7 months

Ukko 11 months                                                               photo: M. Ollikainen

Ukko 15 months                                                                 photo: K. Nyström
Fi EE LV RU SE Ch Firehouse´s Nasty Fullback "Ukko" A, 0/0, BAER +/+, eyes clear,  MH, 2 x CACIB
Owner: Meri Kujanpää
Sire of Elorien I-litter

33 days

6 weeks

Nalle 14 weeks
Firehouse´s No Connection "Nalle" BAER +/+
Owner: Ralf Eriksson

33 days

Kamu 6 weeks
Firehouse´s Nosetackle "Kamu" BAER +/+
Owner: Sarita Ventelä

33 days

6 weeks

Pilkku 3,5 months

Pilkku 7 months
Firehouse´s Northern Exposure "Pilkku" BAER +/+
Owner: Katja Maula


33 days

Nasta 6 weeks

Nasta 4,5 months
Firehouse´s New Moon "Nasta" BAER +/+
Owners: Taru & Lauri Toivonen

33 days

Dana 6 weeks
Firehouse´s Newcomer "Dana" BAER +/+
Owner: Vilma Hannula

33 days

Nami 6 weeks
Firehouse´s New Shade of Blue "Nami" BAER +/+
Owners: Johanna & Jonas Wikström

33 days

Fanni 6 weeks
Firehouse´s Not Fade Away "Fanni" BAER +/+
Owner: Noora Kuusisto

33 days

6 weeks

9 weeks

Ryyti 4 months                                                                  photo: M. Ollikainen

Ryyti 5 months

Ryyti 7 months                                                                     photo: K. Nyström

Ryyti 11 months

Ryyti 15 months                                                                    photo: M. Heusala

Ryyti 20 months                                                                    photo: M. Heusala
C.I.B Fi SE EE Ch TLNW-14 HeW-15 Firehouse´s No Doubt "Ryyti" B, 1/1, BAER +/+
Top winning youngster 2011
Owner: Taina Orenius
Dam of Firehouse's R-litter

33 days

6 weeks

Nemi 13 weeks

Nemi 6 months                                                                      photo: P. Hätönen

Nemi 7 months                                                                     photo: K. Nyström

Nemi 11 months                                                                    photo: P. Hätönen
Fi Ch Firehouse´s Nothing Else Matters "Nemi" A, 0/0, BAER +/+
Owners: Pekka Hätönen & Mari Immonen
Dam of Firehouse's Q-litter

33 days

6 weeks

10 weeks

12 weeks

Nera 4 months                                                                    photo: M. Hytönen

Nera 5 months                                                                      photo: K. Nyström

Nera 6 months

Nera 7,5 months                                                                   photo: J. Halttunen

Nera 1,5 years                                                                      photo: K. Nyström

Nera 20 months                                       photo: M. Ollikainen
Fi EE Ch Firehouse´s Nevermore "Nera" A, 0/0, BAER +/+, LTV 0, VA 0, MH, 3 x CACIB
Owner: Seija Tiainen, kennel Chatterly´s

33 days

Lyyli 6 weeks

Lyyli 6 months

Lyyli 2 years                                                                            photo: T. Nokela
Firehouse´s No One Like You "Lyyli" A, 0/0, BAER +/+
Owner: Wilma Wallin


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