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Born 26.5.2012

DE & DK Ch DT JU CH Club Perdita´s Sparkling Star A1, BAER +/+


N Ch Perdita´s Right On Time A, BAER +/+

N & S ChPerdita´s Counterstrike A

Perdita´s Dotty Design A

N Ch Perdita´s Alive And Kicking A

Timanka´s Part Time Lover A

N Ch Perdita´s Did It Again A

Fi Ch Firehouse´s My One Desire B/A, 0/0, BAER +/+, LTV 0, VA 0, SP 0


Spotborne Contradiction A, BAER +/+


Osborne A, BAER +/+

S Ch Paper Moon´s Corella A, BAER +/+

Fin Ch VV-13 TLNVW-14 Gracilis Hearts On Fire B/A, 0/0, BAER +/+

Fin Ch Firehouse´s Frantic

Fullback A, 0/0


Fin Ch Gracilis Flower Power A, 0/0


Firehouse's Polar Bear 5 weeks

Firehouse's Polar Bear "Elmo" 6 weeks BAER +/+
Owner: Anni Martikainen

Firehouse's Phantom Rider 5 weeks

Firehouse's Phantom Rider "Urho" 6 weeks BAER +/+
Owner: Johanna Bär

Firehouse's Powerback 5 weeks

Firehouse's Powerback 6 weeks

Upi 14 weeks

Upi 5 months

Upi 5 months

Upi 9 months

Upi 2 years photo: K. Nyström

Upi 3 years

C.I.B Fi EE LT Ch FiW-14 FiW-15 FiW-16 Firehouse's Powerback "Upi" A, 0/0, BAER +/+, VA 0, SP 0, LTV 0, 15 x CACIB
Sire of Curias I-litter and Holmankarin W-litter
Owners: Tanja & Mika Lönnqvist


Firehouse's Poetry in Motion

Maisa 6 weeks

Maisa 5,5 months photo: L. Ripatti

Maisa 11 months

Maisa 2 years photo: T. Fyhr

Fi Ch Firehouse's Poetry in Motion "Maisa" A/B, 0/0, BAER +/+, 2 x CACIB
Dam of Firehouse's S-litter
Owner: Anu Svensk 


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