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Nalle's Offspring

Nalle's Offspring / Nallen jälkeläisiä 

Kennel Holmankarin
born 22.4.01
sire: Fin Ch Firehouse´s Frantic Fullback
dam: Holmankarin Dolce Vita

Holmankarin Einstein (5 months in the photo)
Puppy shows:
BIS, BIS-2 and BIS-5 Finnish Dalmatian
Club´s puppy and junior show 28.10.01:
BOB-puppy and BIS
Top winning dalmatian puppy in 2001 in Finland
2 x CAC, 1 x CACIB

Holmankarin Elyce´s Kiss (6 months)
Owner: Birgitta Haataja

Holmankarin Edelweiss (6 months)
Owners: Eeva ja Timo Tulonen

Holmankarin Ellen

Holmankarin Elaine C, 0/0
owner: Elina Eeva

Gracilis H-litter
Born: 5.6.2005
Sire: Fin Ch Firehouse´s Frantic Fullback
Dam: Fin Ch Gracilis Flower Power

C.I.B Fin EE SE Ch Gracilis Higher Power A "Lotta" 13 months
Owner: Päivi Jousmäki, Kennel Mini Rock´s
Dam of Gracilis L-litter and M-litter

Fin Ch Gracilis Hearts On Fire B/A, 0/0, BAER +/+ "Rikke" 13 months 1x CACIB
Owners: Tanja & Mika Lönnqvist
Dam of Firehouse´s M-litter and N-litter

Gracilis Hippie Girl A, 0/0 "Netta" 2 years
Owner: Peppi Viitaharju
Dam of Gracilis K-litter

Einstein 10 months / Kuvan on käsitellyt Sanna Taipale

Dicentra D-litter
born 28.5.01
sire: Fin Ch Firehouse´s Frantic Fullback
dam: Fin Ch Moppekerhon Nana-Tartelli

Dicentra Dream of Magic A, 0/0 2 x CAC
Owner: Anu Forssten 

Fin Lv Ch Dicentra Dream Weaver A, 0/0
Owner: Sari Hentunen
Sire of Spot Snap´s I-litter

Pinewater´s A-litter
born. 21.4.02
sire: Fin Ch Firehouse´s Frantic Fullback
dam: Est W-01 Avoin Champagne

Fin EE Ch TK2 Pinewater´s Adventuress A, 0/0, BAER +/+
Owner: Laura Isohanni
Dam of Holmankarin H-litter and Firehouse´s J-litter

Fin Ch Pinewater´s Almost Champagne
(Photo Sanna Taipale)
A, 0/0, BAER +/+
Owners: Sanna Taipale & Jari Kokkonen
Dam of Pinewater´s B-litter and D-litter

Pinewater´s Aurora (Photo J-P Sarlio)
Owners: J-P, Tiina & Juulia Sarlio

Pinewater´s Apple of the Eye
Owner: Leena Tenhu
A, 0/0, BAER +/+
Dam of Pinewater´s C-litter

Gracilis G-litter
born 31.3.03
sire: Fin Ch Firehouse´s Frantic Fullback
dam: Fin Ch Caesands Rock´n Roll

Fin Ch Gracilis Girl Power "Wanda" (2 years)
B, 0/0, 2 x CACIB
Owner: Johanna Strömberg
Dam of Firehouse´s K-litter & L-litter

HeVW-12 Gracilis Gold Chocolate A, 0/0, 1 x CAC
Owner: Tanja Pietilä, kennel Joydal
Dam of Gracilis I-litter and Joydal A-litter

Gracilis Greatest Hit
2 x CAC
Owners: Outi Nurmi & Satu Vepsäläinen

Fin Ch Gracilis Grand Slam A/B, 0/0, BAER +/+
Owner: Mika Viitaharju
Sire of Mis-Zer T-litter & V-litter

Gracilis Gallant Frodo
Owner: Jarmo Hautamäki


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